Hybrid Homes

Best of Both Worlds

Brick, Mortar & Timber

Hybrid home building is a viable compromise between timber and traditional home building materials. Timber’s versatility make it eminently suited to hybrid building, add cost effectiveness and diversity of choice to your home build.

You can easily combine brick and mortar with timber to get the best solution for your dream home.

Timber Concept can also build your home completely in brick and mortar if you so desire.

The Creativity in Fusion

  • Responds intelligently to client’s brief
  • Use each material type to its best fit for purpose
  • Ample choice and versatility
  • Easily fits a high-end brief
  • Can improve building performance & Design

Built For Life

Sustainable & eco-friendly  |  Guaranteed construction programme  |  Highest quality fittings & finishes  |  SABS approved building materials  |  NHBRC registered  |  Clear communication  |  Personal service

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